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Big Question

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Big Question
by Mrs Brice - Monday, 14 November 2011, 10:30 AM

BIG Question Winners

We had some fantastic responses to our last BIG Question - What five ingredients make up a good lesson?  The answers were so good that Mr Brice and Miss Wilson couldn't decide which was the best answer. 

So this week, we have TWO winners!!! Abigail Brierley and Jordanne Booth.

Abigail Brierley - Year 8

  • An interesting topic.
  • Co-operative pupils.
  • A nice, fair teacher.
  • An interesting lesson plan - interesting things to do.
  • A lesson with things to work towards - targets and objectives.

All these things contribute towards an excellent lesson - the first being the most important (in my opinion).

Jordanne Booth - Year 10

  • Things that I'm interested in, such as Art (Graffiti style), english and writing.
  • A teacher who actually wants to be there
  • A fun way of learning
  • Plenty of choice in what to do

Well done Abigail and Jordanne - you both win yourselves 100 vivos.

All your answers to this question are now being analysed and will be used to inform staff training - so what you say really does matter to us!

The new BIG Question is now ready to be answered - so have a go and you could be our next BIG Question winner and 100 vivos richer!