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Eurozone Day

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Eurozone Day
by Mrs Brice - Tuesday, 25 May 2010, 9:32 AM

Eurozone Day

Year 8 students recently participated in a trip to Lancaster University

The Eurozone day was very successful, with all students thoroughly enjoying the event.  Furthermore, they were extremely well-behaved.  The day comprised two sessions and a tour of the campus:

German - the session concentrated on greetings and providing personal information.  There was also a Q&A session about German culture where topics such as school and reunification were discussed.
French - the first part of the session covered the culture of France and differences between France and the UK.  Students then moved on to learn something about Nice.  In groups, they discovered information about such things as food, culture, traditions and shopping in the city.  The second part of the session focussed on the vocabulary for birthdays and presents students would like to give and receive.