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Mathematician of the week

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Mathematician of the week
by Mrs Brice - Friday, 3 October 2014, 11:30 AM

Mathematician of the week: 


Week Beginning 21/09/14

Matthew Emsley Yr10 JMG

Jamie Grimshaw yr11 DCR

Katie Parkinson Yr7 SMO

Chloe Finch Yr 9 EAU

Chloe Ashcroft Yr8 YHU


Week Beginning 28/09/14

Madison Haslam Yr 7 SMO

Emma Condliffe Yr10 JMG

Jasmine Pickup Yr 7 AJA

Nathan Seaton Yr7 EAU

Edgar Murray Yr7 YHU

Steven Taylor Yr7 THE

Ashley Tomlinson Yr8 CHO

Lucy Smith Yr11 DCR

Bradley Mohammed Yr9 RPR


 Mathematician of the week

These students have shown excellent mathematical skills during the week. Each student gets their name on the class room wall for the week and 30 Vivos.

Could it be YOU next week?