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International Film Festival

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International Film Festival
by Mrs Brice - Thursday, 18 September 2014, 11:38 AM

International Film Festival

Unity College will be holding its first annual international film festival in the week beginning 22nd September.

During this week we will be transforming the Auditorium into a cinema with comfy beanbags and showing 3 international films after college.

Entry to the Unity Cinema will cost £0.20 per film or £0.50 for a season ticket (all three films). Tickets can be purchased from the Box Office, Science Office or the Library. Popcorn and other refreshments will be sold at the cinema by our year 11 students.

Students can attend as many or as few films as they would like during the week.  Students are invited to write film reviews, the best entries will be displayed on our college website and will win a prize.

The films are

The Secret of the Kells Monday 22nd September 3:10-5:00

Young Brendan lives in a remote medieval outpost under siege from barbarian raids. But a new life of adventure beckons when a celebrated master illuminator arrives from the isle of Iona carrying an ancient but unfinished book, brimming with secret wisdom and powers. To help complete the magical book, Brendan has to overcome his deepest fears on a dangerous quest that takes him into the enchanted forest where mythical creatures hide. It is here that he meets the fairy Aisling, a mysterious young wolf-girl, who helps him along the way. But with the barbarians closing in, will Brendan's determination and artistic vision illuminate the darkness and show that enlightenment is the best fortification against evil?

Gattu Tuesday 23rd September 3:10-5:00

A charming and intriguing kids’ film from India, Gattu is about an orphan being raised by a strict Uncle constantly frustrated by his nephew’s inability to focus on work. Gattu is obsessed instead with kite-flying, and in particular with defeating the mysterious Kali, a black kite that rules the skies. To do this, Gattu is prepared to steal, lie, and even go to school! The only problem—he is illiterate. Nonetheless, our hero takes up the challenge, proving anything might be possible when the will is strong enough.

Clare and the Secret of the Bears Thursday 25th September 3:10-5:00

So you know right away, the "Bears" in the title have nothing to do with cuddly, saccharine anthropomorphic animations. The Swiss Alps provide the backdrop for this intriguing tale that reaches across centuries to unite two girls in a shared quest. Clara, a 13-year-old with an affinity for nature, discovers an ability to see through time when touching certain objects around the farm. She “senses” the peril of another young girl 200 years before. In working to lift an ages-old curse, Clara bravely attempts to repair both the past and the present.