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Rugby Report
by Mrs Brice - Wednesday, 2 April 2014, 7:35 PM

Year 7 vs Year 8 Rugby Report Rugby

The final game of the rugby season took place at Unity College on Tuesday 1st April between the Year 7 and Year 8 teams. With last week's match having narrowly won 21 - 15 by Year 7, Year 8 were out for revenge!

Even before the match began Year 8's, once again, had a numerical disadvantage with only seven players. Mr Williams allowed Macaulay Thorley to play, bringing the number to eight. Year 7 had a full side of 15.

Each team had a Burnley Rugby Club coach to manage them. Year 7 had Mick Heys and Year 8 had Phil Jones. The coaches provided tactical knowledge and gave advice, in game, to spur on their teams.

This time Year 8 weren't so complacent.  They began the game with some clinical attacks, with Jon Mattocks and Brody Slater linking passes like backs and Brody storming home from near the halfway line. Will Berry also going over soon after to make the scoreline 12 - 0.

Year 7 hit back with Max Cudworth, in clinical form, intent on assassinating the Year 8 lead. Throughout the game he outfoxed Year 8's defense on three occasions, to score a hat-trick of tries, weaving through, around and blindsides of Year 8's set up. However, Will Berry also replied with a hat-trick of his own. With the score continually changing Year 8 somehow managed to hold onto a 10 - 15 point lead.

Towards the final five minutes the score was 34 - 19 to Year 8. George Morgan and Nic Varnavas had to work hard at the re-starts to secure the ball but, with time slipping away, Year 7 made a monumental effort to claw back the points.

One try later and four minutes to play, the score was 34 - 24. Sam Walsh, Josef Whitlam, Ben Beck, Bobby Beswick, Sam Wallwork and Freddy Long all fought to tackle and secure possession. Josh Haddock seemed to be wherever the breakdown was, to rip the ball from the tired Year 8 hands.

Try with one minute to play. The score now 34 - 29 to Year 8. With a scrum near the Year 8's tryline, the Year 7's drove hard. Year 8 pushed back and managed to win the ball against the head. Berry, now acting scrum half, kicked the ball for all he was worth and found touch to end the game. Final score 34 - 29 to Year 8!

With the teams cheering each other off the pitch it was a fantastic game to end the season with. With his commitment in the tackle, Mr Williams awarded Owen Ellis, Year 7,  the man of the match award although there were several contenders for both teams!

The season will begin again in September. We are looking to run teams in Year 7, 8 and 9 for the boys next year and U13 and U15 girls. Teams must have full numbers at training for Mr Williams to help improve.  If you cannot attend for a good reason please see Mr. Williams before training.

After Easter, athletics training will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the athletics track at college. Everyone is welcome. We will compete in the Burnley Schools District sports and Sports Day will take place on the 17th July. North, South, East and West will compete for the honour of being crowned champions and claiming the trophies displayed in Bronte's cafe.