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by Mrs Brice - Tuesday, 23 April 2013, 4:41 PM

Year 11 - Thinking of going to the Prom this year?

Have you passed your GCSE Mathematics exam with a Grade C or higher?

Take a look at your Vivo account now - Mrs Cryer has rewarded all Year 11 students that have passed their Maths exam (with a Grade C or above) with 500 Vivos

Have you checked your Vivo account lately?  You could have enough Vivos to buy a £5 voucher towards your prom.  Some of you may have even more Vivos - perhaps enough to pay for your entire prom with Vivos. 

500 Vivos = £5 Prom voucher. 

Simply log onto your account now, and go to the vShop.  Prom vouchers are listed under the My School category or search for Prom. If you have forgotten your logon details see Mrs Brice in the office behind internal reception.

For those of you that have even more Vivos to spend, make sure you spend them as soon as possible. It takes up to 10 days for some orders to arrive, so you are running out of time to use up your hard earned Vivos. 

Remember - Use them or you'll lose them!