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    Alma Mater

    Unity’s School Song

    Alma Mater

    Unity’s School Song takes Unity, Passion and Respect and puts it to music.

    Why a Song?

    It’s got a catchy tune and the words spell out the belief that although we are all different; we all belong and work in one team.


    Why is it called an Alma Mater?

    Alma Mater is Latin for ‘Fostering Mother’, as the school believes it should look after it's students educationally and emotionally like a mother does for her children.


    Who wrote it?

    Philip J. Hindle, also known as Mister Pip did. He wrote it in the summer of 2006 and with the piano skills of Mr Smith, sang it to Mrs Cryer just before Unity College opened. Mrs Cryer liked it so much that she immediately decided it would be the Official School Song.  

    Why have I never heard it?

    It used to be sung when we had whole school assemblies, but as there are so many students now, we’ve been unable to get the entire school together in one place!

    Can I hear it?

    Yes, click the links below to hear the Piano or Orchestra Mix of the Alma Mater.


    Alma Mater (Piano Mix)  

    Alma Mater (Orchestra Mix) 

    Alma Mater (Orchestra Mix with vocals by Rebecca Swindells)

    Alma Mater Video Alma%20Mater.wmv


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